angel and demons are on theather …

by Kenny Wiani on Monday, May 18, 2009 at 12:25am (published on facebook notes)

angel and demons are on theather .. nothin across my mind really on that sat evening..except that my sis and her boyf wanted to see it – and out of the blue, my husband too .. well that’s new.. he usually quite happy by watching any movies on dvd.. when he first mention it, I thought – what about our son.. our 15 months son who still breastfed at night .. my hubs says don’t bring him – but we also can’t leave him with his grandparent because there no milk supply on my parents house for him, and I didn’t bring my bp either.. so, what if we brought him along with us to the theater? .. the movies is near his bedtime, so he’ll be sleeping throughout the movies.. about the dark – he used to sleep with the lights turn out and the TV’s on – so that shouldn’t be a problem, I guess.. My son is a quite content & happy child – he likes being in the crowd, it doesnt scare him .. we can take him to the shopping mal for hours and he won’t get day when he still around 6 months old, i took him with me to the mal, only two of us – riding a taxi – and he enjoy it, he fell asleeps by himself when he’s tired in brief, he’s totally manageable so, I thought -let’s give it a try ..

at first, everything went well – we enter the studio and he’s very calm- the darkness and peoples didn’t upset him when we sat down, he still ok – watching the screen, nibbling french fries 15 minutes past – until we run out the french fries .. he’s starting to sliding down from my lap.. wanting to explore I know he’s sleepy – so i try to put him asleep but all of this just makes his energy just levels up hihihi so, before the others viewers start complaining, I took him out – and spend the rest of the movie outside. I thought i would make him sleep – then i could take him inside again. But No he won’t – and he stays awake the whole time, hovering through the mal, jumpin up and down … way beyond his bedtime the funny thing I realize later on is .. What would I’d be thinking if I’m one of the people seeing this? I Would criticize like hell hahaha “ what were they thinking?? taking a baby on the theather bla bla bla “ hahaha Gosh ..I’m becoming one of those person I used to complain about when i wasn’t on their shoes hahahaha So in life we’re experimenting on things – try to experience something different and out of the ordinary – or to put it simple .. experience our LIFE .. And it took few wrong turns before we hit the right track – our track .. and on the process, we are doing those things we said we won’t early on 😛 and we will never knew, what would we DO or WON’T DO until we are on it .. The thing is to never say never .. coz someday you’ll find yourself becoming one of those person you used to criticize 5 years ago .. hahaha


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