Hagia Chaska Maulana, the beginning ..

this blog is dedicated to my cherub, my daughter, my second born, my ajia casca

Born in Melinda Hospital, Bandung

June 25, 2010


2.33 kilos and 49 cm

The contraction starts  in a wee morning, and continue for the rest of the day.  I called in the Ob-Gyn to make a appoinment. Since the water hasn’t broke yet, the docs asks to examine first. I was waiting in line from 6 pm until they finally let me in on 8.30. By that time it’s already 4cm opening and we were asked to go the hospital immediately.

We were check in on about 9.30 pm.  No one there except us. When my sister and her husband came, I was already had 7 cm opening.

The placenta was thick, and the opening couldn’t went any further because of it. My water was made broke by the nurse. When the opening was complete the docs hasn’t arrived yet. I have to hold and told not to push twice, while the baby was on the urge to come out.

Finally, the docs arrived and the baby was delivered. She was small and red, actively kicking and crying,

and there she goes, my Hagia – the new center of my universe